International Soup Recipes

International Soup Recipes

International Soup RecipesYou can take a tour of the world in a variety of ways, if you are lucky this will be for real either back packing or travelling like a millionaire, or even as a millionaire! If your budget is constrained then you can do this tour in a virtual world or even via the cuisine you serve in your home. For some people who enjoy soup there is also the option to take this tour via international soup recipes. When I started to do some research for my website I was truly amazed at the large variety of soup recipes. Most countries have their own signature soup dish and I’ve enjoyed capturing these international soup recipes for my website. From extremely thick soup to watery varieties the texture and consistency can vary greatly. The ingredients used in the soups can sometimes provide some clues to the country of origin.

We can take a tour of international soup recipes by country, continent or even alphabetically from Acquacotta, a chunky soup originating from Tuscany, Italy through to Zurek, a Polish soup containing fermented grain and sausages, often served in a bowl made of bread.

Do not be fooled into thinking that all soups are served hot, as there are plenty of varieties available that are served cold, with one of the most commonly known being Gazpacho, a pureed tomato and vegetable soup served chilled, originating from Spain. There are some soups that are always served chilled or have the option of being served hot or cold such as Borscht. It should be noted that the two main variants of borscht are generally referred to as hot and cold. Whilst both are based on beets they are otherwise prepared and served differently.

Generally soup is regarded as the starter in a multi course meal. That said, there is always the unusual and lesser-tried option of serving the soup as the main course. Obviously for a dinner party you will need to consider the tastes of your guests and of course the size of their appetite! There are plenty of soups available that when accompanied with a side serving of bread can be extremely filling, especially some of the thicker stew type soups. I would not recommend trying to combine multiple courses of soups, unless of course you are a soup-a-holic! You should, however, consider the option of moving soup away from its usual ‘starter’ position on the odd occasion to surprise your dinner guests and provide an interesting topic of conversation over dinner. There are also plenty of options to serve soup as a desert, which a couple of delicious sounding varieties being Fruktsoppa, an old fashioned Swedish fruit soup and Hungarian Sour Cherry soup.

So whatever your taste and preference for textures and consistency I am sure there will be an international soup recipe available on my website for you to enjoy.


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